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To finance the industrial enterprises by way of lending and advancing money with or without security and upon such terms and conditions as the company may think fit and to guarantee or become sureties for the performance of any agreement or contract entered into by any enterprise with any financial institution, banks or other parties for obtaining finance whether for its long term capital, working capital or for any deferred payment finance or for any other purpose.

To carry on the business of any investment company and to buy, underwrite, invest-in, acquire, hold and deal in shares, stocks, debentured, debenture-stock, bonds, notes, obligation and securities issued and guaranteed by any Government, commissioner, public body or Authority whether supreme, municipal, local in any part of the world.

To carry on the business of advisors/consultants on finance and investment, bill discounting and such related matters thereto.

To acquire any such shares, stocks, debentures, debenture-stock, bonds, notes, obligations or securities by original subscription, contract, tender, purchase, exchange, under writing and by participation in syndicates or otherwise and whether or not fully paid and to subscribe for the same, subject to such terms and conditions as may be thought fit and to dispose of the same.